Saturday, April 5, 2008

Shekinah Springs Studio

Shekinah Springs Studio
Caleb and Daniel Morris ~ Composers

Our ultimate purpose in writing music is to glorify God. We want to write music for films that accomplish this goal. Music is a powerful element of film and can be used to communicate a message to the audience in a very compelling way. We want to use this powerful element of music to compliment and uplift Christian films that exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and hold up a standard of solid biblical truth.

Seek and Find - "Despair"
Seek and Find - "The Truth"
Twas the Week Before Christmas - "Earning Money"
Twas the Week Before Christmas - "The Gift"
Joel's Journey - "Trusting God"
Out West - "Sunrise"
Out West - "Ready to Ride"
Out West - "The Race"
"Advent of a Hero"
"Our Flag"

Click here to read an interview with Caleb and Daniel about the process they use to write music.

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javapop said...

Hi guys,
what are your rates and methods for music? Thanks!

Caleb and Daniel Morris said...

Thanks for your interest, we will be sending you an email soon with more information.

GlobeReacher said...

I would like some info on this as well, if you please. Thanks!

John-Clay said...

Please send me your email so I can send you the information. :)