Friday, November 30, 2007

Up in flames

The Kendricks are burning up more stuff for their film FIREPROOF!

Go check it out!


....and the WILD WILD WEST!!!

The Sampley's have really punched up the EXTREME IMAGINATION too!!

Watch the BTS videos here.

ENN Report

ENN is a kids reporting network hosted by Vision Forum. The reporter on this one caught my attention, apparently it is a re-run though.

Watch the news report.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Camping BTS #4

If you haven't seen the "Camping 2007" video might want to watch it first.


The first step to editing is to get the video on the hard drive. Instead of capturing a whole tape at a time Final Cut Pro allows you to go through a tape and make “in and out points” which are then created into a “temp clip” to be captured/digitized later.

I like to give my clips names that contain project and "take info. For example “Cmp07 – 01” – “Cmp07 – 02” it just helps me keep it organized. When I am done logging all the clips, I can select them and choose “Batch Capture” and the computer automatically goes back through the tape and creates the clips for me.

When editing I prefer the “View as List” option for my folders and bins. On every project I basically have 4 main folders – VIDEO – FILES – MUSIC – AUDIO. (sometimes I have Sound FX or Power Point folders too) You can see a picture of my Camping Folders below (click to view it larger).

Also, for just basic project files I create a folder on my external Hard drive for each project. Inside that folder my files are organized very similar to my FC folders. This project is a little less organized than normal due to the smallness of the project and lack of files.

Projects such as Joel’s Journey and Call of Courage have a very large number of folders.

Next, I go through the clips and pick the ones I like (I kind of did that when I captured the footage, but I still have multiple takes to choose from) I drag the ones I like into the timeline and arrange them by group “B-Roll” – “Narration.” Sometimes, depending on how much video I have to work with, I will even create a separate sequence just for the B-Roll. It simplifies my main timeline and keeps it less cluttered.

This is the part that is really hard to describe…. For the camping project, the next step was to start putting the B-Roll that went with each point together and interspersing the narration in a chronological format. In the following picture you can see the whole FC screen. In the Timeline I have my "faded black border" on the top layer, some special FX and b-roll in the next layers, and the bottom layer is my main narration and main b-roll.

The bane of videographers is that the video is too long or the shots are too long. (Now I am NOT advocating MTV style editing – got it?) It is best to get into the shot late and then leave early, especially for comedy. This is a good technique for movie outtakes too I tried to cut the shots rather quickly and to keep the pace moving. Some people have still told me that the video is too long in general, and yea…there are a few places that adding some more dialogue would have helped. We live and learn right? ;)

Normally I stick to straight cuts and fades, the amateur star wipe or paper airplane are not in my typical set of transitions. :P However, different styles call for different transitions and I wanted the transitions to compliment the comedy effect I was going for. “Swish transitions” are often used in movie trailers for comedic impact, so I decided to try applying it to my short video. One thing to remember when applying Special Transitions (this applies to any transition really) is that you must use it sparingly and for a reason, meaning that if you place it correctly then the audience will expect it and associate with a specific element of your video. EXAMPLE: Camping ’07 – the “swish transition to the right” meant NEXT POINT and “swish transition down” meant THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF THE POINT JUST GIVEN. I added a few other fun and funky transitions to try and keep the pace moving. Note: SoundFX for the "swoosh" were from Digital Juice's SoundFX Volume 1.

After I have my video edit finished I take my color wheels for a spin! There is a lot of thought that goes into correcting the color on a shot and there is a lot of information out there on how to do it. One training video I found useful was by Digital Juice. You can view it here. (also, more on CC and special FX coming later)

Once the video is done, and the audio has been adjusted, I export the clip as a QuickTime Movie.

Some projects are now ready to be compressed using Compressor, such as Camping ’07 outtakes, while for other videos I still need to create some special titles and graphics. Camping 2007 called for some specialized titles, and since I don’t like Final Cut's title feature, I fired up Motion…but I am getting a little ahead of myself, that’s a subject is for next time….

[GRAPHICS AND TITLES] coming next….

Got it covered

I just finished some design work for Heartland Baptist Bible College, and I thought I would pass along some of the graphic design. These CD case packages consisted of a 2 sided insert (front and inside), the back of the tray card and the CD label. And NO, the watermark is not on the client's graphics :P


1st idea for the front (it was not quite what they were looking for)



Tray Card




Tray Card


If anyone has tips for me to improve I am wide open and listening :)

Filming Fire

What would a movie about a firefighter be without a fire? The five FIREPROOF actors playing members of the Albany Fire Department battled the flames for the first time on camera on Wednesday. It was a day to remember for everyone on the set, including director and co-writer Alex Kendrick.

“It was very exciting, but it was also scary...." Alex says.

“This kind of stuff is very exciting,” says Bob Scott, the director of photography. “It gave me goose bumps.”


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Video

We did some shooting tonight :)

Camping BTS #3

This one is out of order, but I didn’t want to put two major posts right next to each other. So here it goes for audio….

NOTE: I use Apple Final Cut Studio to edit with, so key commands are from the Mac OS.
NOTE 2: You can click the pictures to view a larger version.


-First of all I actually finish the edit before I mess with the audio (more on editing in a later post). Sometimes I don’t need to adjust the audio at all, other times it requires a lot of time and work (Joel’s Journey). Since I recorded on two audio channels, I have a high volume audio track and a low volume audio track, and I was able to capture the high volume track without any clipping. I duplicate the high volume track (option-click the track) and then drag it over the low volume track to replace it. I then adjust the volume as needed and sometimes that requires some manual keyframes of the audio level. I didn't end up needing to keyframe for this project though.

Once I am happy with the basic video edit I begin to apply the audio filters. Final Cut has lots of audio filters that I normally use for audio needs. However in this case I needed some extra tweaking control, so I used Soundtrack Pro. Next step is to turn off all other audio layers and export just my dialogue to a WAV file. Importing that file into Soundtrack Pro I am then able to take out background noise and add filters.

-SP has a “background noise reduction” feature that I applied to this project and I also applied a Low Pass audio filter, which limits the amount of high frequency levels and allows more Low frequency levels. I didn’t apply this filter very much because I found that if I cut out too much of the “high” the dialogue became hard to understand.

When I was done with the audio fixes I exported it back out. Now the default SP audio export is AIFF and for some reason FC doesn’t really seem to like that format so I used iTunes to change it to a WAV format. After importing the WAV file back into FC I was ready to adjust the music.

-The music I used for this video is from the Digital Juice Stack Tracks library, specifically the HOLIDAY and SPOOKY stacks. I like DJ’s music because they allow you to take out any instruments you don’t want. Normally I would have had the Morris brothers compose some music for it, but I didn’t really have the time and they were busy too ☺ (they composed the music for Joel’s Journey)

I won’t go into all the monotonous details of adjusting all the music to fit and match correctly, but you can look at this picture of my timeline and see what I did.

Stay tuned for the next BTS article – [EDITING] coming next….

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Joel's Journey DVD

To Purchase click the "Buy Now" button in the side bar.

For more information visit:

Camping BTS #2

If you haven't seen the "Camping 2007" video might want to watch it first.


-The hardest part was to make sure I got all the needed footage WHILE camping. I mean my family wasn’t real excited that I was always video taping them. ;) Also, because they didn’t know my whole plan, some of them thought that the stuff I was taping was kinda strange ☺ In the end I had about 45-55min of footage to edit from. (editing will come later)

first I had to find a location. Thus to find ‘just the right spot’ meant I had to spent quite a bit of time traveling around and around our yard. I settled on a spot in the front yard that would allow me to have trees with “fall” leaves for the background and it also gave me sunshine for a backlight (since I wasn’t using any lights.)
I did use a reflector though to bounce the sunlight and fill some of the shadows. I used the gold side of a 5-in-1 reflector that I have.
Well, it wasn’t by choice, but I ended up just using the on camera mic. So I set one channel to be an expectable level and then set my second channel to be slightly lower, to accommodate for any “spike outs” from the audio. The biggest problem (which you can probably tell) is the outside “background” noise, and the passing cars/trucks ☹
I enlisted a couple of siblings to help me with the video shoot. Maggie held the reflector for me and Carinna held onto the script so it wouldn’t blow away. Thanks to the twins for their wonderful help!!
I shot the opening line for the video and then got reports from trusted sources (family) that audio wasn’t clear enough. Soooo, we reshot it and I moved the camera a little closer to the main talent (Benjamin). The “walk-up and put on the hat” was added the second time. In short, the 2nd time was MUCH better ☺
For what it is worth, when labeling tapes I like to include: The title of the project "Camp Trip 07," the tape number "01" - "02," and what is included on the tape, "Video footage" - "Narration." AND I also flip the save/rec tab to SAVE when I am done shooting.

“Benjamin are you busy? – Let’s go shoot some stuff for the camping video.”

-I wasn’t able to attend the grand water ski adventure due to the premiere showing of “The Call of Courage” and “Joel’s Journey.” Special thanks to my siblings who captured some priceless footage via the video function on their still cameras. ☺

[AUDIO EDITING] coming next...

Fireproof rained out?

Find out on today's blog post...

Sony Commercial

What happens when you drop over 250,000 bouncy balls on the streets of CA??

You can watch the ad and the BTS for it right here.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Mac Ads

With the introduction of the new Mac OS, comes new commercials - Vista vs. Leapord! They have 3 new ones out!

Camping BTS #1

This is the beginning of the BTS for the Camping 2007 video. I know y'all claimed "uninterest" in most of the BTS sections...nevertheless, I am going to post them in a somewhat video production chronological order. However, I will give more info on the "interested" sections. :)


The Idea
After doing a camping video last year, I knew I wanted to do one again this year, but of course I didn’t want it to be the same. The idea of “Camping tips” came to me right before we left, so me and my brother Caleb worked on the script on the way down to the camp spot. Some of my other siblings could hear us laughing and thought we were having WAY too much fun in the back seat (which we were)!!

The Narration
The narration script was written the day I taped it. :P I scribbled it out on a piece of paper and then read off a line to Benjamin and we would tape that section, and so on. I guess it turned out alright.

BTS pics can be seen from my old post.

You can watch the video and outtakes on my website.

[VIDEO AND ACTING] coming next....

New Poll!

I know a lot of people visit my blog and I am trying to figure out if I post too much info at a time :)

So please help me out and VOTE IN THE POLL!!!

Walt Disney

Tis a very interesting organization with some very interesting films. :) But can it be linked to communism??

Read the article.

What about environmentalistic?
Check this out! ;)

The logo for Walt Disney Pictures is protected by copyright by The Walt Disney Company.
Use of the logo here does not imply endorsement of the organization by me, nor does it imply endorsement of me or my blog by the organization.


Filming is back up and going again....and so is their blog!!

Be sure to check it out.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Color Correction

Here are some before and after pics from Joel's Journey. Click on the pictures to view a larger version.

Next week I hope to post BTS info about the camping video.


Another Creation Moment.

Making of a film

I want to make it clear that I am not endorsing this film.

It looks good from what I have seen, and the blog and trailer are a ton of fun. But it isn't out yet, and I can't find reviews on it.

WOW, lots of work!

Even if you don't like football this is a very interesting article about how this commercial was made. Greenscreen, extras, 3D....check it out.

I found this on the Camenische's blog.

Christian iTunes

....well kind of :) is Christian music download site hosted by Bob Jones University. AND they have a free song for download right now!!

- I also like to look at the CD covers for design ideas :P

Graphic Design

If you are interested in graphic design you need to check out Digital Juice's current "Thanksgiving Deal." ALL Juice Drops for only $10 each.
(I do recommend caution when viewing some of their products)


Christmas decorations, Christmas music, cold weather and SNOW!!! (the first snow of this winter for us!!)

'Tis a wonderful time of year!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fun Stuff

Ok, for all you loyal or "addicted" fans :P I managed to squeeze in a little post. But wait, there's more!!

If you navigate to and then click the "demo" button, you will find that something new has been added. BUT, you have to go see to find out ;)

-trust me, you won't want to miss it :) let me give you a hint - ;) BTS....

Friday, November 16, 2007


Well tonight is the screening, and then I have a DCFM meeting on Sat., then on Mon. I am helping with a video project. We leave for grandparents on Tues. night and I won't get back till next Fri. or Sat.

So, have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone!! I might manage to squeeze in a post or two during that time but don't count on it. (this is for the few who voted for "JC's normal life" ;)

"Oh, give thanks unto the Lord for He is good!"

Movie Poster

Here is a rough draft of a movie poster for my Christmas movie.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

The new film coming out by Rich Christiano.

Check the website or read about the shoot.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Camping BTS

I am working on the BTS info, and it would help me out a lot if you would vote for what you want to hear about :) I will post a little about all of those things, but I can spend more time on something that I know would be of interest....

There is so much to talk about that if I can narrow it down some, you won't have to read 3 pages of stuff :P

"Hate crimes"

This isn't video related, but I think some of these issues can be more important to know about than "what is the newest camera out there." So I'll just say that this goes under "Relevant Issues of Today." :) is the link to the article. Quite interesting I think :)

Evolution therapy??

"How can mimicking evolution help special needs children?" - The answer....listen to today's Creation Moment.

SAICFF review

I came across this review on Daniel Camenisch's blog. I found it very enjoyable to read :)

Upcoming film

Midnight Clear is an upcoming film in the Christian genre. (I haven't seen the movie or anything so be sure to check it out for yourselves. I am not endorsing nor condemning the film)

It is scheduled to be released on December 4. You can read more about it at this link.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New polls...

I have a couple of new questions for everyone. Please take a minute and give your input!


Monday, November 12, 2007

Please be praying...


Complications and sad news....

Read the article here.

New Festival News

Ok, so the big news has been released.

Joel's Journey has been nominated for "Best Oklahoma Documentary" along with two other films in the Trail Dance Film Festival in Duncan, OK.

Read about it here.

Check out all the nominations.

Screening - November 16

This Friday evening, "Dancing with Angels," "Joel's Journey," and "The Call of Courage" will we be shown starting at 6:30 pm. Everyone is invited and admission is free.

Get directions here.

In Dancing With Angels unexpected hardship strikes the Logan family, everyone’s strength and faith are put to the test. Will they be able to accept God’s will no matter the cost? Follow the endearing family of ten as they discover a greater love and find a new understanding of the ultimate sacrifice.

Joel’s Journey is a heart touching story that follows the Morris family as their lives are changed by the greatest trial they have ever faced. Through challenges, opposition and rejection at the hospital the Morris’ continue to face each difficulty by standing on the word of God.

The Call of Courage tells the gripping story of two young men fighting in the early battles of the civil war: Eddie Lee, a twelve year old drummer boy, and James McClay an officer in the Union Army. As the days pass they become as close as brothers. During the army’s march through Missouri both Eddie and James are faced with decisions that require all the courage they can muster. Their difficulties intensify until the battle of Wilson’s Creek erupts- throwing the two into the most intense moments of their life.

Feel free to bring family and friends and to pass this
invitation along. Admission is free and refreshments will
be provided. For more info contact John Naylor by
phone (405) 501-0496 or e-mail

Science and Comas...

This is another episode from "Creation Moments" that supports the message behind Joel's Journey.

You can listen to it here.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Camping 2007

Outtakes and BTS info coming next week (hopefully)
If you have a specific question or area that you would like to hear about, please let me know by leaving a comment.

General comments and critique are welcome too :)


Bts pics courtesy of Charity and Carinna...


Extra Terrestrials?

Ok, this has nothing to do with Movies or video...although I guess it could (Star Wars, Star Trek, ET, Close Encounters, Wall-E,....etc)

Anyway, I thought this was a good little audio clip, give a listen.

Oh, and BTW (to add some movie news to this) Pixar's next film is WALL-E, about robots and outer space - read up on it here...sounds interesting, in more than one way ;)

From the set of Fireproof!

My friend Daniel Camenisch who works for Billy Graham doing video projects, got to spend a couple of days on the Fireproof set!

Here is his report.

I highly recommend the Camenish's blog, they have recently been interviewing Christian film producers and they also keep up to date on video news in general....(can you tell I like them) ;)

Here is more info about the project.

From the Kendrick crew another blog update!!

Aaannd you might might want to check in with Pendragon, cause they have updated their blog too..

Thursday, November 8, 2007

"The Call of Courage" - BTS

These pics are before and after color correction from "The Call of Courage."







If you have a specific area of BTS that you would like to know about from this film, please leave a comment...