Friday, April 18, 2008

Pendragon Graphics

-Pendragon now has the schedule up for when they need volunteers. I'll be headed up for the majority of May, if you are close to where they will be shooting then I encourage you to sign up!

-They also have some web banners that you can post on forums, on your blog, in your website...anywhere to help promote the film. They have a set of blue ones and also some red ones that have the princess instead of the bad guy. click here


Scott Eash said...

Those are excellent graphics, JC! Good job!

Shad said...

Wow! Amazing graphics! You have great talent! How long have you been doing this sort of thing? How long did it take you? Did Burns Family Studios give you the original images?

Sorry for all the questions, but I'd really like to know.


John-Clay said...

Shad - I've been working to learn graphic design for several years. I still have lots to learn....

- How long...? That's hard to answer :) it's been off and on for about a month. VERY off and on :)

- I did some designs just for fun (because I like the film) and they liked it. They then sent me some higher quality files to work with.

I really appreciate Chad Burns and his family and all they are doing to create high quality Christian films! Hopefully the banner graphics will help spread the word.