Friday, April 4, 2008

Friends for Life

This one looks interesting. Click here to visit the website. Here is a link to still pics from the film.


Shad Eash said...

It sounds like an interesting film, but I failed to see how it was a Christian film. I know there was an "angel", and apparently it's a Christian company, but I didn't see any indication that it's a Christian film, but I guess that all depends on your definition of a "Christian film".

I'm not saying I don't think you should be writing about it because it's not Christian. (I write about the Chronicles of Narnia and the movies (even the books) aren't really "Christian", but again that all depends on your definition.) I just thought maybe I missed something.

John-Clay said...

My point wasn't to say that its a Christian film. Having an angel in your film doesn't make it Christian.

It's a film that is made by a presumably Christian company and I found the story to be interesting though a little slow.

When I find a film that I think is really worth following then I typically will post a link to it in my Film Links section on my sidebar. This one hasn't been added yet ;)

Thanks for the comment.

Oh and is it just me or did anyone else notice that the main character resembles Charlton Heston? :p