Monday, June 23, 2008

Movie Updates

"Pilgrim's Progress"
Check out their new trailer and new website design.

"No Greater Love"
They also have a new trailer! Looks like quite an interesting story.

"The Penny"
Another feature film from Filmweavers is now in pre-production.

"Bringing up Bobby"
"Untitled Christian Comedy" from Glowing Nose now has a REAL name!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Widow's Might

John Moore's crew has been on a location scouting expedition for a western town. Check their blog to see what they found - note: their blog post is narrated by Gator!

Pendragon Filming 7

Wow, it's been a while since I've updated. This past week we spent several nights filming the final sword fight in MI. Because of the recent rains the "swamp" we were shooting in ended up a mud pit, it was quite an adventure :) Nevertheless, I think we came out with some decent footage.

Thursday was an all night shoot and we left for MO on the packing still had to be done Friday morning :) Well...we were groggily hauling the heavy equipment out of the "swamp" when we received a phone call that a hail storm would be upon us in 20min!! We began running the heavy equipment up to the house. Fortunately it only rained and really not all that much but we still managed to get us and a lot of props wet :D

Finally we made it to MO..err...IL actually but we are filming in MO. Saturday we spent at the set (an old French fort site) cleaning up by cutting fallen limbs, picking weeds, sweeping, weed eating, hauling brush and picking more weeds. Good ol' hard work :)

Today I worked on finishing the edit of footage that we already have that is supposed to go with what we shoot this week. It's not looking too bad :) If you happen to think of the project this week, please take time to pray that we will be able to finish the scenes that we need to get this week!

I hope everyone out there is doing well!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pendragon Filming 6

Ever tried shooting an epic film with no electricity...makes life exciting for sure :) Read about the experience on the Pendragon blog.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


They have some pictures up from another scene, unfortunately I wasn't there when they shot this scene. (blog link can be found in the sidebar)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

In the Air Again

Just letting you all know that I'm headed back to Michigan tomorrow for two weeks. I'll be helping film and edit on Pendragon!! Keep praying for the team as they (we) work towards completing the filming in the next couple of weeks.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Homeschooling Illegal?

"In February, a California state appeals court ruled that unless parents have recognized teaching credentials, they must send their children to school. The judge, citing a state education law, said that “parents do not have a constitutional right to home-school their children.” Parents and politicians were outraged, and the court will rehear the case this month."

Click Here to read the article and leave your vote!

Dad the Hero and the WILD WILD WEST

The premiere is coming up! Check out the new trailer!

Pendragon Updates

They have updated their blog a couple of times...hopefully you have been checking it ;)

Mexico Update 3

Back home in the USA! It was a great trip but we are still glad to be back home :) I will be posting more later.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mexico Update 2

Here is a "quick" update from south of the border. :)

Our time in the schools went really well!! We taught the character quality of Truthfulness in the kindergarten schools and the quality of Forgiveness in the Elementary schools.

It is hard to get pictures and video because they make the whole family sit in front of the school group but I still managed to get a little here and a little there :) We has 3 schools last Thursday and 2 schools last Friday.

After each school presentation they would provide a "snack" for us. It was more like lunch :P A new food we had was Pastes. Pachuca is known for mining for minerals and when the men would go into the mines they needed something that was easy to carry for lunch.....thus the Paste. We had Pastes quite often while in Pachuca which is fine with me cause they are REALLY good! It's kind of like a flaky crescent roll type of bread with potatoes-like hash browns (papa) or beans (frijoles) inside. I like to think of them as a Mexican egg roll :D They are also somewhat spicy (there isn't much in MX that isn't) and oddly enough the very first one I had must have been the "chili special paste" :D cause it was MAJORLY hot!

We also went to visit the pyramid of the sun and the pyramid of the moon on Wednesday on our way to Pachuca.

On Saturday we went to see the Prismas (natural rock formations and waterfalls) the countryside there is very beautiful. Oklahoma looks "flat" compared to that :)

While in Pachuca the girls stayed with one family and the boys stayed with another family. Fortunately there was someone who spoke some English in each family :D

I know I had a lot of fun with Sylvia and Moricio trying to play games!

Abril was our interpreter in most of the schools (and anywhere else that we took her along.) She is the daughter of the family that the girls stayed with and she did a great job. (she also answered a lot of questions - "what does this say?" - "what does this word mean in English?")

Abbie would play her violin at the end of each presentation and one time they called her back for an encore - TWICE! :D

Today, we spent some time sharing testimonies in a church then drove to Guadalajara where we will be staying till we fly home. Actually, tomorrow we are going to spend a day in Puerto Vallarta :p I don't think we will be going to any schools here, but we will be sharing our testimonies at some of the trainings that dad is doing. At least that is the current plan...we have found that plans can change rather quickly.

Adios! (thanks to my mom and brother Caleb for the pictures!)