Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mexico Update 1

We made it to Mexico City! It is taking a while to adjust to the new altitude and environment. The past couple of days we have been practicing our presentations, enjoying REAL Mexican food (yes, I said enjoying) and we even managed to slip in a little site seeing :)

I have taken a good bit of video and my siblings are taking lots of pictures. Unfortunately they haven't had time to get any pictures on the computer, so I will have to post pictures later.

REAL Mexican food has included cow tongue cooked with green tomatoes and green olives (tasted really good) ....we had mushrooms (which I don't generally like) but they were cooked in something that turned out good! :P In the mornings we've had cereal and yogurt and normal American food. This morning they fixed a breakfast tamale made from fresh corn and sugar, we all liked them (I think everyone did) Their way of making sandwiches are called Tortas and are very similar to a Subway sandwich, we usually have those for lunch.

I know I've spent most of my time talking about food, but its hard to describe anything else...I'll pictures later. The traffic is pretty crazy but I find it rather fun ;) There aren't a lot of bugs here (beside mosquitoes) and its a good thing because the houses don't seem to be quite open, such as cracks under doors. The houses don't seem to be very sealed, they have more of an open air feeling than our houses back home. The plants and flowers here are really pretty. Oh, and we've had fun trying to translate signs and really just anything that is written in Spanish. It's also been fun to listen to people and see if we can understand what they are saying - we are getting better. :D

Overall it's going well, we are now headed to Pachuca for 4 days where we will begin going to schools and doing our presentations.

Keep praying for us!
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Family Flight

Our family is headed to Mexico for a couple of weeks! Dad will be doing some CharacterFirst! trainings while the rest of the family will be in schools, orphanages and also assisting dad with several Family Seminars. Oh, we do have a couple of days to site-see and take in the country :) This will also be the first time for our whole family to fly together - should be fun!

Most of our family hasn't been outside the USA before and this will also be a first time for us to do these kind of presentations by ourselves. We are quite aware that we are very unable to pull off such a task and that we must rely on God's strength. Please be praying for us, for safety and that we will rely on God's grace to complete each opportunity that He brings!

I don't know what blogging conditions will be like south of the border...but I know that we will have lots of pictures when we get back....and lots of great stories :) We leave on May 26th are scheduled to be back on June 6th.

Pilgrim's Progress on DVD!

The new Pilgrim's Progress movie is out on DVD today! Click the website in the sidebar to see more info.

Jonathan Sperry Trailer

Rich Christiano has a trailer out for his newest movie! Watch it here.

Feel free to leave me a comment...I'm interested to see what you think.

American Family Association

Thanks to Scott Eash's distribution efforts and the blessing of the Lord, AFA is now carrying Joel's Journey! 'Click here'

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Praise the Lord, I made it home! It's great to be with the family again!

The Thursday night shooting ended up being rescheduled to next week due to several people not feeling well and also technical difficulties...not to mention that it ended up being REALLY cold that night. Everyone was rather exhausted. It's still a great set, I'm looking forward to seeing the resulting scene from that location.

Here are some pictures as promised. These pictures were taken by set photographers Shannon and Sarah.

A precarious position.

This is what you use when desperate for something to disperse the fog. They worked so well that any item used to disperse fog is now called a pizza box :)

Ethan (DP) - Chad (Director/actor) - Me (second Camera, editor, grip, PA, anything else they need done) :p

A few of the team after a night shoot.
Me, Aaron (Artos), Chad, Ethan, Dustin (Ethan's bro), David Thompson (crew)
Rebecca (Artos' sister), Mrs Burns (Artos' mom - but actually Chad's mom)

Fun scene...need I say more?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pendragon Filming 5

Tonight is the last shoot before I go home. I love working on this project but I will be extremely overjoyed to see my family again too! Three weeks is a long time :)

I will post more pictures from the trip once I get home....and spend time with my family.....and get some sleep ;)

Tonight will most likely turn out to be another all-nighter. Aaron, Nick, Nathan, Nathan (a friend) and I have been working on the set today. Actually they spent the majority of the time working on it, I was only there for a couple of hours. Maybe they will have some pictures on their blog from the shoot tonight.

more to come....

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pendragon Filming 4

Well, the team has survived the week of night shoots. Fortunately we only pushed daylight a couple of times, on average we were in bed by 4:30. There are a couple of pictures on the Pendragon blog from the week shoot. Unfortunately only a few pictures can be released in an effort not to give away too much of the story.

Today (Monday) we traveled three hours to Muskegon, Michigan to film some new scenes and to reshoot a couple of old ones. The scene for today was a church scene. We arrived around noon and started filming around six. Aaron and Nick did a great job of decorating the set, Marilyn and her team organized a load of costumes for the extras and also designed and made a completely new costume for Chad to wear and Ethan's hard work resulted in a nice lighting. There are many others who pictched in and helped out to make it all happen (oh, and I can't forget to mention the make-up team :)
At the end of filming the scene we had a grand round of picture taking. Hopefully I'll have a couple to post in the next couple of days.

We are staying at a hotel tonight and will continue filming tomorrow...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Pendragon Filming 3

Another blog post on the PD blog. I ran a second camera during this scene where the generals are plotting their strategy.

Pendragon Filming 2

Here are some pics from the Monday 4-4 shoot. Check the PD blog for more pics and info.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pendragon Filming 1

Pendragon blog has been updated with some pictures from the filming we did on Saturday. 'click here'
Then yesterday we shot from 4pm -4am with a little bit of setup in between set locations. Fun times :) Footage is looking really great and working with the team is a blast!

stay tuned....