Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Obama's Media Control Strategy

There is a new article out by Cliff Kincaid who is the Editor of Accuracy in Media.

"A new national broadband plan, combined with the just-announced FCC plan for a "net neutrality," or regulating the access to the Internet, provides the opportunity for the federal government to define a "new public square" with a "common space with shared facts" as Ornstein put it at the August 6 FCC event. He explained, "It's something that was easier when we had three broadcast channels and virtually everybody in the society tuned into them."

While the Internet is apparently confusing people with too much information, Ornstein said that the Internet also offers "multiple opportunities" to "develop a public square." He made these remarks at
an event presided over by Obama's FCC chairman Julius Genachowski. The assumption of the exercise was that the federal government, under the cover of a national broadband plan, should not only regulate the Internet but provide new media for the public."

You can read the full article at
Worldview Times, Right Side News, or just Google "Obama Media Control" and check out the many many other options....while you still can.


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