Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Letters to God Theatrical Release

"Looking to tap into the faith-based market, Vivendi Entertainment has acquired North American rights for Possibility Pictures' feature "Letters to God," and has set a March 12 release date.

"Letters," which recently wrapped in Orlando, Fla., centers on a 9-year-old fighting cancer who copes with the challenges of his treatment by writing letters addressed to God. His letters eventually find their way into the hands of a beleaguered postman who is battling his own demons."

"Vivendi Entertainment -- a division of Universal Music Group Distribution -- has more than 3,000 DVD titles in its library. It added a theatrical distribution arm last year and will release its first title, "New York, I Love You," on Friday.

Kristol said Vivendi plans to release four to six films next year with a focus on niches such as the faith-based and urban genres. "We are expanding the definition of specialty from traditional arthouse films," he added."

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