Friday, October 9, 2009

Watch "Bros" FREE

"us4HIM Productions and Block One Studios have teamed up to produce a new Christian short film called Bros. The film tells the story of a young man named Trey, who has an adopted brother named Johnson. Rather than accept Johnson as his brother, Trey shuns him. But when his father challenges him to get to know Johnson, Trey goes on a journey of discovery and redemption in this moving tale which is inspired, in many ways, by true experiences.

The film, which is 43 minutes in length, goes on sale Friday, October 9th. However, on that same day, it will be made available online for FREE viewing for 3 days. The movie will be uploaded, in 3 sections, to Vimeo, the popular video sharing site. It will be available for viewing on this channel:"

For more information visit the Bros website here.

"After watching, should you desire to purchase the movie, there will be two purchase options: DVD and Download. For $10 (plus shipping), you will be able to purchase the DVD, which features well over an hour of special features, short films, and trailers in addition to the 43-minute film. The download will consist of solely the film itself, and will cost only $5."


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