Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Saving Sarah Cain"

For those of you who like Michael Landon Jr. films, his new one is now on DVD:
"Saving Sarah Cain."

"Powerful, funny, heartwarming and triumphant, Saving Sarah Cain is a captivating film directed by Michael Landon, Jr. and featuring performances from Academy Award® nominees Elliott Gould and Tess Harper.

Sarah Cain (Lisa Pepper) is sweet, successful, slightly self-absorbed and a city girl through and through. But when the untimely death of her sister draws her to Amish country for the funeral, she makes a discovery that will change her life: she is now the legal guardian to five Amish nieces and nephews! Desperately trying to juggle the kids, her career and her comfort level, Sarah must reevaluate her priorities as she prepares for the biggest culture shock of everyone’s lives!"

www.savingsarahdvd.com - View the Trailer, Clips from the movie and listen to an interview with the director.

*I'm not endorsing nor negating this film in any way. I am posting this information in the category of "Christian Film Updates."


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Danielle said...

Ah, thanks for posting!!!! :) I didnt know about this one, but it sounds good!!!! :)