Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Biblical Principles of the Ballot Box

I'm sorry folks, this isn't a book (as I had originally stated) it's an Audio CD.

A new audio CD by Doug Phillips.

"The Bible is the only answer for fearful Christians in an age of politics. The Bible has the answer to the ethical chaos of fear-driven voting, pragmatic voting, “ends-justifies-the-means” voting, and “lesser-of-two-evils” voting. The Bible does not require Christians to vote for perfect candidates, but it does require that Christians support biblically qualified candidates. Biblical Principles of the Ballot Box explores the Scriptural standards for selecting civil magistrates, and offers great hope for Christians living in an age in which our leaders have broken covenant with the God of their fathers."

FREE!! - Read more here.
*I haven't listened to this CD so I can't necessarily endorse it. But it looks like it would be an interesting session and I'm planning on getting it.

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Ex-CP Member said...

I wish I could listen to that sermon. Why doesn't Doug just put it on Sermon Audio so everyone can hear it without having to pay $16? That's a lot of money for one sermon.

Doug is talking about supporting "third parties," but isn't it obvious that the only third party he's really talking about is the Constitution Party? When Doug says third party he's not talking about the Green Party, Libertarian Party, Reform Party, etc. I think you already know that, but your readers may not. So let's be honest here.

I used to be a member of of the CP. Its motto is "Principle Over Politics." After years of finding myself a disillusioned Republican, I thought I'd finally found my home in the CP. I found out what a bunch of meaningless fluff "Principle Over Politics" really was when Howard Phillips (Doug's father and CP founder) sold out to the Mormons in the Nevada state party over abortion. Mormons believe that abortion is not only acceptable in the case of rape and incest, abortion is strongly encouraged. Mormons call those babies "womb trespassers." They believe those babies have no right to exist. They're encouraged to kill them. Howard sided with the Mormons and said that it was a matter of "state's rights" and that the other CP state parties couldn't impose their will on the Nevada party. The Nevada party was completely out of accord with CP's national platform which is 100% pro-life. Many of us wanted to throw the Nevada Party out. Howard fought hard to keep them in. For years he'd ridiculed the "big tent" philosophy of the Republicans, and he was right to do that. When forced to make a tough decision, he went big tent himself. Like thousands of others, I left the CP in disgust.

I happen to support a particular Republican candidate this time, and no it's not Huck or Romney or McCain or... He happens to be a real Constitutionalist. He's as much of a Constitutionalist as any candiate the CP ever had. I know he won't win the Republican Primaries. So I'll write him in, or perhaps he'll go Independent after he loses the Republican Primaries. I can vote my conscience that way, and I won't have to hold my nose voting for a third-party candidate in a third party that's even more hypocritical than the Republicans.

I still believe in principle over politics.