Monday, January 14, 2008

The 2008 Trail Dance Festival

Praise the Lord!!

picture used from the TD website

Wow! What an event :) quite different from the Christian perspective of SAICFF. There were approx. 100-200 people in attendance for the award ceremonies and over 50% of the award recipients weren't even there...which cuts down on the excitement in the atmosphere.

This festival gives ratings (based off of MPAA criteria) for the films that it screens. Interestingly, out of 73 films screened, 27 were rated R, 31 rated PG-13, 13 rated PG and only 2 rated as G. Joel's Journey got rated as PG, probably because of the Christian theme and for the strong questioning of the medical community...I don't really know. Some of the films had reasons cited for the rating given, most common was 'Language' and 'Violence.'

5 of the documentaries were made in Oklahoma and 3 were nominated for "Best Oklahoma Documentary," the others ran in "Best Short Doc.," and "Best Feature Doc." Joel's Journey was up against...
-"Joined at the River" - PG-13 - (1hr 23 min) a film about the border between Mexico and TX (I think)
-"North of Austin, West of Nashville: Red Dirt Music" - R - (59 min) A gritty look at the home spun music genre that is Red Dirt. Produced by the Cameron University Summer Documentary Class. (from Lawton, OK)

Needless to say, based on the overall "flavor" that this festival seemed to lean toward we were very skeptical that we had much of a chance of winning at all, but dad reminded us that, "Miracles do still happen." Obviously, we were very pleasantly surprised to have Joel's Journey win its category. Miracles DO still happen!!

Here we are waiting for it all to get going!

Ropin' Cowboy

From left to right:
Anthony Foreman (Festival Director) - Daniel and Caleb Morris (Music compsers) - Yours Truly (holding the trophy) - Trail Dance Mascot (in her full costume)

All Glory goes to God!! I would also like to say thanks, to those of the Morris crew who made the 2 hr trip down, to Caleb & Daniel for the immense amount of work they put into writing the wonderful soundtrack, to the whole Morris family for standing firm on Biblical principles of life, to my family who supported and helped out with the project, to the many people who provided feedback on the movie and also thanks to Anthony Foreman for all his hard work on the Festival, for selecting Joel's Journey into the festival and for honoring us with the award!!

Special thanks to dad for being the stand-in paparazzi for us :)
We used the video mode on a still camera to capture the winning announcement...see it here! (it may take a second to load)



Scottie Moser said...

Wow, that's fabulous. Praise God!

Congratulations, JC!

Anonymous said...

That is AMAZING, John-Clay! I am so happy for you and for Joel's Journey. How many festivals have you entered JJ into? What a great testimony and all praise goes to the Lord for your award.

In His Service,
Paul Munger

John-Clay said...

These are the only 2 festivals so far, I am considering entering more.