Monday, January 14, 2008

Homeschool Hornet Nest

If you like to debate or just like to read debates, especially about Homeschooling, you should checking into this blog post I came across. Here's a tidbit from the first post...

"Here's what I see with homeschoolers (and I welcome feedback and input).

1. They have learned so much more Bible and theology than other kids their age that they don't seem to know how to relate to those kids who are "Christian," but aren't as deep. At least, they can't relate on a spiritual level without being scornful.
2. Church groups are very educational for them. Learning is great, but education is best tempered by rubbing shoulders with others not the same.
3. Grace is often lacking towards others not on the same spiritual path.
4. They don't know how to speak spiritually to different levels.
5. Pride? Hubris?
6. Very spiritually mature, but not socially mature when it comes to other Christians.
7. Have difficulty having fun spiritually."

People's response to these questions have been very interesting to read.

Hornet's Nest 1
be sure to read the comments afterward...then proceed to

Hornet's Nest 2

I found it to be highly thought provoking. I encourage you to take a read and take notes to think on.

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Anonymous said...

You're a home schooler. What is your opinion/response to the Hornet Nest post?