Wednesday, July 29, 2009

UKRAINE July 30 - August 25

Gospelink is a missions organization dedicated to advancing the gospel through national preachers. "Gospelink was established for the purpose of advancing the gospel throughout the world. It is our belief that this objective can be best accomplished by assisting national preachers who are actively involved in church planting and discipleship. Through prayer and financial assistance national preachers are empowered, their evangelistic outreach is enhanced, and their church planting efforts are accelerated."

This organization is sending me to Ukraine to interview 5-7 national pastors and then film re-enacted dramatizations of their lives/stories/testimonies.
(Docudrama: A docudrama is a dramatization of actual historical events.)

I'm flying over there and staying with a youth group from a church in Georgia who is going over to do some evangelistic missions work. I won't be working with them during the day, but as I understand it, I'll be staying at the same place with them at night. It's supposed to work out so that a couple of people from the team will be helping me with video work instead of the preaching meetings.

- July 30 - I fly from OKC to GA to meet up with the team. We then fly from GA to Paris, and from Paris to Kiev. The team will be in Ukraine for about 3 weeks and then they are scheduled to come back a week before I do.
- I'm not sure where all I'm going while I'm in Ukraine...stay tuned to find out!
- August 25 - I fly from Kiev to New York, from NY to GA, from GA to OKC.

I'll be shooting in High Definition on the Panasonic HMC-150 which is a tape-less work flow, and requires hard drives and a computer to store the footage. I also have a 4 piece lighting kit that I am taking with me, so I hope it survives the airline travel and functions well while I'm in Ukraine.

1) That I will be humble and reliant on God's strength to accomplish this task. 1 Thess. 5:24 "Faithful is He that calleth you, Who also will do it."
2) The people who help me will have had some video experience and maybe even know how to use a Mac and even Final Cut Pro! (this would be a huge help to smoothing out the shooting workflow)
3) Protection for the group and equipment as we travel, and that we make all the connections!
4) That despite the language barrier God would enable me to capture the heart of each of the pastor's stories. Also, that He would provide the locations and resources to create compelling dramas that compliment each story.
5) For the technical equipment - that the hard drives and computer function well! Also, their electricity is 220v over there, I have all the necessary adapters and such, but it would be really nice for there not to be any major complications!

Thank you all for praying for me while I'm gone!! It really, really means a lot to me :)

Lord willing, I will be able to post pictures and more updates on the Ukraine Facebook group page as the trip progresses - please consider bookmarking the link and check back often!

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Praying for you! Hope it's going well!