Tuesday, July 7, 2009

B&B 1 & 2

Sunday afternoon Caleb and I drove down to Smithville TX to the first Bed and Breakfast "The Katy House." Smithville is an old historic train town from when the Katy trains used run. The town is also in the Guinness world book of records for baking the world's largest gingerbread man.
We got to stay in "The Conductor's Quarters" room which apparently use to be actual conductor's quarters. The Katy House has the oldest existing Katy Caboose in the backyard and the couple there are in the process of restoring it! We starting shooting Monday morning and finished up around noon. After lunch we headed to Livingston to film at "McCardell Cottage."
Mon. evening we spent several hours visiting with Ms. Beverly Miller laughing, crying and talking about God's goodness in our lives. I could never describe what an encouragement it has been to be here and visit with such an amazing lady! She loves the color red and drives a bright red convertible mustang, doesn't like straight lines for landscaping, is very resourceful, loves her family, owns two horses and has an amazing heart for God! She keeps us laughing with her joyful enthusiastic spirit...she's quite a lady!
This is the room we did the interview in at McCardell Cottage.

This is me and my camera scoping out shots outside :)

We filmed McCardell Cottage starting Tues. morning and we'll finish up Wed. morning by filming her cooking breakfast.

More pictures will be coming later this week! This is going to be one unforgettable trip!
Thanks to Caleb for taking the pictures.

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JWP said...

Wow, looks like a neat place. Don't have too much fun :P. JW