Friday, June 26, 2009

Pendragon Press

"Don’t be surprised if you flip on your radio or TV in the next couple of weeks…and hear the host talking about Pendragon!The last month has been an exciting one for the Pendragon Team: they have had the opportunity to share Pendragon’s message and story with media outlets all over the country. “I always love sharing the stories of God’s faithfulness and provision,” Aaron will tell people. “We are also greatful for the opportunities to use the message of Pendragon to inspire families to trust God in bigger ways than they thought possible.”As the news about the film continues to spread, more and more people are supporting it. This afternoon, Aaron was a guest on Rich Buhler’s program Talk From the Heart, airing in Southern California. Earlier in the day, Chad was interviewed live on the American Family Radio show Today’s Issues.This Friday night, Chad and Aaron will be down in Alanta for a TV interview with WATC’s Atlanta Live program, airing 7-9pm."

Taken from the Pendragon blog.

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