Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dramatic Audio from Lamplighter Theatre

Some of you may be familiar with Lamplighter Publishing, a company that publishes old and hard to find books that have a strong Christian worldview. Most of our all-time family favorite books are from this company, "The Hidden Hand" or "Prisoners of the Sea" anyone? Well anyway, they are currently working on creating dramatized audio versions of their books called Lamplighter Theatre! They have teamed up with some folks who used to work on Adventures in Odyssey... "After realizing the spiritual depth and rich history of Lamplighter stories, these gifted writers knew they had indeed found a treasure. Immediately a new relationship was forged and Lamplighter Theatre was birthed!"

"Having found the experienced and talented artists who could create world class redemptive stories, the stage is now set to provide years of life-transforming family drama for the next generation. While millions of children and adults have enjoyed reading Lamplighter’s gripping stories, we now have the opportunity to reach millions more through radio drama. Radio stations have expressed strong interest in Lamplighter Theatre; they believe there is a great need for fresh, exciting, spiritually rich material for family listening."

Check it out and listen to a demo here!

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