Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day Films

Justinian the Pendragon: A Worthy Father Figure
"The opening scenes of Pendragon set the tone for the entire film. In the interactions between father and son, you see a father who lives up the God-given calling that all fathers have. He imparts vision, challenges his son to a heavenly calling, he gives an example of work ethic and courage, he trains his son to follow and glorify God and makes his love for his son clear.

If you have father who you’d like to honor this June, or if you know a young father who you’d like to inspire, I highly recommend Pendragon as a Father’s Day gift. You can watch the trailer or purchase the film

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I'll Need You Dad

"Kids have many influences in their lives that often steer them off course from Christ. Many of their responses in life's situations will feel natural to them yet will leave them empty and alone. Dads, though, have a unique opportunity to model Christ's example to their children even when no one else will."

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