Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shekinah Springs Studio

Music is said to be at least 40% of a movie experience. It isn't important to have good music, it needs to be great! Good music follows the story of your film, great music will enhance the story. Stock music works for some videos, but it usually forces you to fit your story around the music rather than the music telling your story.

Caleb and Daniel Morris are the young men that I use anytime I need custom music for a project. In fact, I have them working on some music right now for my upcoming ReelCast demo reel - and let me tell ya, it's sounding good! A while back I did an interview with them for my blog about their process for writing music, I mean how does it work with two people? You can read the interview here.

"Our ultimate purpose in writing music is to glorify God. We want to write music for films that accomplish this goal." ~Caleb and Daniel

Head on over to their website - Shekinah Springs Studio - and check out some of their music samples. Some of my personal favorites are:
- Holiday's Song
- Out West: The Race
- Seek and Ye Shall Find Part 2
- Epic Ending
- Christmas Movie
- Pendragon: King Battle

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