Monday, March 23, 2009 Commercials

Family members from the Leddens, Crooks and Burnetts teamed up in Missouri to shoot a couple of commercials for the contest. We ended up shooting two scripts, one was Ethan/Dusty's idea and the other was mine.

It was great to have Hannah and Benjamin with me on this trip!
(Commercial #2) Joel (an actor) prepping for the shoot.

Eponine Ledden, Dusty's cute little daughter!! ....yeah I taught her to laugh like that :D

(Commercial #2) Ethan pulling a "One Man Show" when everyone else was in the shot. Ya did a great job E!

(Commercial #2) Ashley is most likely getting a focus mark for the next shot - Ethan apparently has something against the director :P - and I'm just standing around smiling at people taking BTS pics.

(Commercial #2) The Director approving a shot.

(Commercial #2) Benjamin was the star of this commercial too! - Waiting on set with some props :)

(Commercial #2) Hiking to the location...we figured out that it was approx. 3/4 of a mile one way :(

(Commercial #1) Morgan's three younger sisters who also starred in the commercial. Lots of fun :)

(Commercial #1) Me and Ethan setting up a shot - it was great to do a little AC work again!

(Commercial #1) Running a rehearsal.

(Commercial #1) Hannah running audio. Joanna Ueland helped with continuity and BTS pics.

(Commercial #1) Dusty strangling a light :P

(Commercial #1) Benjamin got to be the star of the commercial!

(Commercial #1) Me and my bro Benjamin waiting on set.


Hannah :) said...

I had so much fun taggin' along with ya, J-C! =)

Daniel said...

Hey where's the pictures? They aren't coming up...


John-Clay said...

hmm not sure, they are working for me. Sorry for the problem :(

Ruth said...

Looks like lots of fun JC!! I heard about it from Ethan & Ashley when they were here. From what I heard your brother's just a bit like you!!;) I wish i could meet your fam. so bad!!

Ruth said...

btw, looks like you had a little to much fun again teaching eponine that little laugh!!:) She's so cute!! I wish i could see you again soon!! It'd be so much fun!!

John-Clay said...

Yeah it was fun! Wish I could have come up for the pickup shoot, it woulda been great to see y'all again!

Maybe someday our families can get together...when we are up north...or y'all come down south...or something :D

Thanks for leaving comments, It's fun hearing from ya'll!


M.R.B. said...

wish I could have been there!!
looks like ya'll had WAY to much fun!!
love ya,