Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NEW! ReelCast Demo Video

The NEW! ReelCast Productions Demo Reel is now online!! Watch it HERE!

Thanks to all those who critiqued the demo reel and gave their input/advice. Thanks also to the Morris boys for all their hard work writing the music!!!


Hannah :) said...

As usual, great work by my favorite videographer in the whole wide world!! You do amazing stuff, J-C!

I'm lovin' the music too, C&D!

R. Ramsey said...

Great work, John! It looks really nice!

Kay P said...

Amazing, as always! :D The new music is great! :D

Ruth said...

Wow!! That looks so cool! I'm impressed!! Love all the cool blue!!

JWP said...

That is a very impressive demo reel. Good job!