Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Update on Upgrades

I've had my old computer and software about three years and it was time for an upgrade. ReelCast has recently been updated to Final Cut Studio 2 and a 24" iMac. I'll be selling my old iMac G5 so send me an email if you're interested ;)

With dual 2.8GHz processors and 4GB of RAM I can definetaly "feel" the speed increase which is nice for rendering in Final Cut and working with large files in Photoshop. I am also amazed at how much more screen space there is going from 20" to a 24". A 30" just blows my mind....and some people use TWO of them. I'm happy with 24" at least for now :p The iMac came with the new Apple Keyboard and Mighty Mouse and I must say that I'm spoiled with them already :) The new thin Keyboard is very easy to type on and doesn't make very much noise. Mighty Mouse has a right click button and a scroller ball which are REALLY GREAT!!

I like to find the best deal that I can when buying...well...anything, as a result I didn't end up buying anything directly from the Apple store. I think I'm going to have to break down and buy the iMac AppleCare from them though.

-I found the iMac on eBay from a reputable seller for several hundred dollars less than the the Apple price.
-To upgrade the computer from 2GB of RAM to 4GB I chose Other World Computing. They have RAM for about half of Apple's price and they have fast shipping too.
-So where did I find a price break on Apple Software? Safe Harbor was running a special price for the Final Cut Studio 2 upgrade through January 31st.

I know this is just a general update, but I didn't have much else to post about today :)

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Kay p said...

Congrats JC! :D

*mutters something about not being jealous....* lol :D