Monday, March 10, 2008


This week holds another big announcement! Vision Forum has released the official time lengths, categories, entry deadline and an updated BEST OF FESTIVAL award!!

Thanks to the generous donation of a private foundation, the cash prize payout for their annual “Best of Festival” Jubilee Award is being upped to more than $101,000, giving it the top rank for cash prizes among film festivals worldwide. In addition, it is expected that other cash, product and service related prizes will bring the total value of awards for the next SAICFF in excess of $200,000. Doug Phillips, founder of the SAICFF, will make the announcement at an official press conference to be held at 1:30pm at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Read the official press release HERE! View categories here!


Scott Eash said...

Wow! Isn't this great? I'm a little disappointed at the limit for short narratives, though. We'll have to edit our 30 minute films for the festival.

Scottie Moser said...

This is awesome! All their categories are promising ... just wish they had a category for "best film trailer" ;-)

Wonder how many of the videos from the contest we'll see "extended editions" of at the SAICFF. :-D