Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pendragon Pics

This is a little promo I designed for the movie.

Wow, what a trip!! Praise the Lord for allowing this to work out!! I flew from OKC to STL on Wed., drove up with some of the "Southern Burns" to MI on Thurs., filmed on Fri. and Sat., drove back to STL on Sun. and flew back to OKC that evening.

My excitement for the Pendragon project has only escalated since being on set :) I was busy running a video camera most of the time and didn't take very many pictures. Hopefully you can sort of get an idea of the trip from my view.

Looking into the west.

This is known as the "Southern Burns" residence in IL. Home to Chad's parents and siblings. Chad's dad (Ray Burns) plays Artos' father and Nick plays Cadeyrn. I had a great time riding up with this crew.

This is known as the "Northern Burns" residence in MI. The famous "Hillfort" is located here in their backyard.

A few of the transportation fleet await the call of duty.

Aaron enjoying warmth, food and being inside. Actually, I think we all enjoyed those moments.

Aaron (as Artos) braving the cold. Those horses didn't like standing still and neither did we. NOTE: feet get cold when standing still in the snow.

You don't want this guy on your trail. Trust me.

Wenneveria and the King get set for another take. Hmm, ok so the horses did decide to stand still now and then.

Chad (Director) - Nick (Cadeyrn) - Ethan Ledden (Director of Photography)
This trio was often seen consulting over the best course of action.

Setting up for a crane shot. I am actually standing on a ladder for this scene to get some close ups of the actors as they ride their horses.

Trying to keep my hands warm. They had little heat packets that we carried around and wow were they helpful!

Framing up a shot. We used two Canon XL2 cameras during the shoot.
Thanks to Gabe Everson for the pics of me.

The end of the road, for that trip anyway.

Stay tuned to the Pendragon Blog for more updates as the filming continues. Special thanks to Chad for permission to post these pictures.



Kayleen P said...

For being behind a video camera the whole trip, I'm very proud of you--good job with the pix. ;-D

Scottie Moser said...

"crane shot" ... but isn't that a jib?

Regardless, looks like you had a great time (even if it was cold! ;-) ) It's great that you got this opportunity!