Friday, March 21, 2008

The Longevity Secret

"According to the Bible, ancient people lived not just several decades, but several centuries. Could it be the secret to amazing longevity is about to be rediscovered? Might the quest to uncover the remains of an ancient wooden ship high atop Mount Ararat hold the key? Could this ship be Noah’s Ark ? Find out, in The Longevity Secret."

I must say that I'm intrigued after watching the trailer. They raise lots of questions that would be interesting to hear their answers. I'm not sure what to think yet.

Watch the trailer to this film here. I found out about this film from this website.

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jonnyflash said...

This looks to me a lot like the "Jesus Tomb" documentary that came out a little while back. If there was any real science to the idea, it would be published in a scientific journal, not a sensationalist 'documentary.'

I'll stick my old episodes of "In search of..." when I want to watch some Noah's Ark entertainment.

PREDICTION: At the end of the documentary they will say something about how they're SO CLOSE to finding Noah's ark, and if only the Turkish Government/Radical Muslims/CIA/Free Masons would lift their sanctions, they could dig it out and parade it down 5th Avenue. That's how every Noah's Ark book/film/church presentation I've ever seen has ended.

Still nothing.