Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Camping BTS #3

This one is out of order, but I didn’t want to put two major posts right next to each other. So here it goes for audio….

NOTE: I use Apple Final Cut Studio to edit with, so key commands are from the Mac OS.
NOTE 2: You can click the pictures to view a larger version.


-First of all I actually finish the edit before I mess with the audio (more on editing in a later post). Sometimes I don’t need to adjust the audio at all, other times it requires a lot of time and work (Joel’s Journey). Since I recorded on two audio channels, I have a high volume audio track and a low volume audio track, and I was able to capture the high volume track without any clipping. I duplicate the high volume track (option-click the track) and then drag it over the low volume track to replace it. I then adjust the volume as needed and sometimes that requires some manual keyframes of the audio level. I didn't end up needing to keyframe for this project though.

Once I am happy with the basic video edit I begin to apply the audio filters. Final Cut has lots of audio filters that I normally use for audio needs. However in this case I needed some extra tweaking control, so I used Soundtrack Pro. Next step is to turn off all other audio layers and export just my dialogue to a WAV file. Importing that file into Soundtrack Pro I am then able to take out background noise and add filters.

-SP has a “background noise reduction” feature that I applied to this project and I also applied a Low Pass audio filter, which limits the amount of high frequency levels and allows more Low frequency levels. I didn’t apply this filter very much because I found that if I cut out too much of the “high” the dialogue became hard to understand.

When I was done with the audio fixes I exported it back out. Now the default SP audio export is AIFF and for some reason FC doesn’t really seem to like that format so I used iTunes to change it to a WAV format. After importing the WAV file back into FC I was ready to adjust the music.

-The music I used for this video is from the Digital Juice Stack Tracks library, specifically the HOLIDAY and SPOOKY stacks. I like DJ’s music because they allow you to take out any instruments you don’t want. Normally I would have had the Morris brothers compose some music for it, but I didn’t really have the time and they were busy too ☺ (they composed the music for Joel’s Journey)

I won’t go into all the monotonous details of adjusting all the music to fit and match correctly, but you can look at this picture of my timeline and see what I did.

Stay tuned for the next BTS article – [EDITING] coming next….

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