Monday, November 26, 2007

Camping BTS #1

This is the beginning of the BTS for the Camping 2007 video. I know y'all claimed "uninterest" in most of the BTS sections...nevertheless, I am going to post them in a somewhat video production chronological order. However, I will give more info on the "interested" sections. :)


The Idea
After doing a camping video last year, I knew I wanted to do one again this year, but of course I didn’t want it to be the same. The idea of “Camping tips” came to me right before we left, so me and my brother Caleb worked on the script on the way down to the camp spot. Some of my other siblings could hear us laughing and thought we were having WAY too much fun in the back seat (which we were)!!

The Narration
The narration script was written the day I taped it. :P I scribbled it out on a piece of paper and then read off a line to Benjamin and we would tape that section, and so on. I guess it turned out alright.

BTS pics can be seen from my old post.

You can watch the video and outtakes on my website.

[VIDEO AND ACTING] coming next....

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Danielle said...

Cool! Cant wait for those editing tips! :D Ah, you changed your logo to a more festive one!! :)