Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Camping BTS #2

If you haven't seen the "Camping 2007" video yet....you might want to watch it first.


-The hardest part was to make sure I got all the needed footage WHILE camping. I mean my family wasn’t real excited that I was always video taping them. ;) Also, because they didn’t know my whole plan, some of them thought that the stuff I was taping was kinda strange ☺ In the end I had about 45-55min of footage to edit from. (editing will come later)

first I had to find a location. Thus to find ‘just the right spot’ meant I had to spent quite a bit of time traveling around and around our yard. I settled on a spot in the front yard that would allow me to have trees with “fall” leaves for the background and it also gave me sunshine for a backlight (since I wasn’t using any lights.)
I did use a reflector though to bounce the sunlight and fill some of the shadows. I used the gold side of a 5-in-1 reflector that I have.
Well, it wasn’t by choice, but I ended up just using the on camera mic. So I set one channel to be an expectable level and then set my second channel to be slightly lower, to accommodate for any “spike outs” from the audio. The biggest problem (which you can probably tell) is the outside “background” noise, and the passing cars/trucks ☹
I enlisted a couple of siblings to help me with the video shoot. Maggie held the reflector for me and Carinna held onto the script so it wouldn’t blow away. Thanks to the twins for their wonderful help!!
I shot the opening line for the video and then got reports from trusted sources (family) that audio wasn’t clear enough. Soooo, we reshot it and I moved the camera a little closer to the main talent (Benjamin). The “walk-up and put on the hat” was added the second time. In short, the 2nd time was MUCH better ☺
For what it is worth, when labeling tapes I like to include: The title of the project "Camp Trip 07," the tape number "01" - "02," and what is included on the tape, "Video footage" - "Narration." AND I also flip the save/rec tab to SAVE when I am done shooting.

“Benjamin are you busy? – Let’s go shoot some stuff for the camping video.”

-I wasn’t able to attend the grand water ski adventure due to the premiere showing of “The Call of Courage” and “Joel’s Journey.” Special thanks to my siblings who captured some priceless footage via the video function on their still cameras. ☺

[AUDIO EDITING] coming next...

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Cool! It's really neat to hear how families work together. I picked up some good tips.