Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Telling A Good Story

"Phil Cooke, CEO of Cooke Pictures and a respected consultant for faith-based, non-profit media, recently spoke of the great need in our society for stories that demonstrate morals and codes of behavior. He further mentioned the poor quality associated with Christian films. "But in spite of that great need, most films, television programs, radio specials, and websites produced by Christians are still poor quality, and have a limited audience. That's because for most Christians, the message is everything, and we've forgotten the power of a great story."

I desire to encourage every Christian filmmaker to make sure they make story their priority, make mastering their craft their passion and Christ their focus. I’m tired of bad Christian films and I think it's time to step up, especially since secular companies are now making great Christian films. It’s time to be the best artists possible, especially since we are directly connected to the Creative One." ~CJ Powers

Excerpted from a movie review by CJ Powers.

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