Wednesday, January 20, 2010

RED Studios Hollywood...and MORE!

RED shows off their new sensor and new “color science” at their new studios.

"RED Leader Jim Jannard started off the presentation by announcing that RED had acquired Ren-Mar, closing the deal that very Friday (Jan. 15)—so that we were, in fact, holding the meeting in RED Studios Hollywood.

Jim was quick to admit that he and his crew are new at this, and that perhaps in the early days they didn’t know as much as they should have—but they’re getting better at listening, and getting input from the production community. Indeed, that was the point of the event: to show off work in progress, and get feedback from production folks, in a less-harried atmosphere than NAB or IBC. Throughout his talk, Jim kept saying, “don’t take my word for it”, and “go look for yourself”, and words to that effect; there was none of the hype, bombast, or aggro attitude of the early days, but a much more open-minded, realistic, reasonable tone. He also said, “RED is a trajectory, not a moment in time”; look at what we started with, see where we’re going, and make up your own mind."
Learn all about the new RED Studios, their improved Mysterium sensor, the improved RED named RED 4K, RED’s latest, "all-in-one on-set/preview/batch transcode/one-light grading tool" titled REDCINE-X, get all the goods on RED Rocket, ...and lots, lots more and of course, there are more pictures. If you are interested in anything to do with RED you should read the full article here.

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