Thursday, September 10, 2009

One Good Man Movie

A new upcoming film from Advent Film Group and Brightline Pictures, ONE GOOD MAN.
"Disenchanted with the dumbed-down rules of baseball, Joe Finn starts a new league and inspires his whole community to restore the bonds between fathers and sons. A powerful portrayal of how one dedicated man can change the world around him."

I think the DP is going to be James Burgess, who was also the DP for Pilgrim's Progress and The Widow's Might.

View the Teaser Trailer.


Chad said...

Hey, I just discovered your site, and I wanted to commend you for the things you post. I'm the admin of a site dedicated to independent short film, and although I'm a devout Christian, the films I showcase are not necessarily spiritually uplifting. I do believe I function as a cultural guide, finding films that celebrate redemption and reconciliation, in hopes of bringing the conversation to it's highest possible conclusion. Regardless, your blog really blesses me and I hope that you are encouraged to continue your work. Thanks!

John-Clay said...

Hi Chad,

Thanks for the encouragement! It's always a blessing to hear that others enjoy the info I put on my blog.