Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Favorite iPhone/iTouch Apps

I'm guessing that most of you that have an iPhone or iTouch have already scoured the app store for the best apps. However, I have found that no matter how many times I check the store, there is always an app that I missed.

Thus, here is a list of my most used and favorite Social Networking and Utility apps. (Maybe I'll post some of the games I like sometime) If you have an app that you like and/or use a lot, I'd be more than happy to hear about it!

Analytics - FREE "Check your Google Analytics account"

AppMiner - FREE

BibleScope - $3.99

eBay Mobile - FREE

Facebook - FREE

FastFood - FREE "Search for your favorite food while on the road"

FedEx Mobile - FREE

Flashlight - FREE

Kayak - FREE

Mocha VNC Lite - FREE

Night Stand - $0.99 "Mobile alarm clock"

PayPal - FREE

Remote - FREE

Skype - FREE

Package Tracker Lite - FREE

Units - FREE "Units is a really useful app that lets you easily convert from a variety of units into lots of others."

Weather Bug Elite - $0.99

Wikipanion - FREE

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