Thursday, September 17, 2009

Medal Of Honor Movie

An Erwin Brothers feature film is in development and it looks like it will be really good!

"April 17, 1945. Pearl Harbor.

Glass crashes against the floor as four men break into a General’s office. In the corner of the room, inside a glass display case, is America’s highest award – the Medal of Honor. They are here because it’s the only Medal of Honor is the pacific region. They have been sent by Major General Curtis Lemay on a secret and desperate mission to retrieve the precious medal so it could be pinned on a mortally injured soldier.

Suddenly, they smash the display case, steal the medal, and sneak away into the morning darkness. These acts were unprecedented in the course of U.S. military history, but so too was the incredible act of bravery by an airman who lay gravely injured in a hospital on Guam.

Now sixty years later, Jonathan Erwin, grandson of Red Erwin, desperately wants to know his grandfather’s story. Starting with his grandmother, Betty, who has been reluctant to speak of the event, Jonathan begins to piece together one of the most amazing stories in U.S. Military history.

Journeying into his past, Jonathan discovers a moment of love, courage and honor – when the fate of twelve depended on the courage of one.

Medal of Honor is a epic story of love, sacrifice and courage beyond all odds."

Watch the movie trailer and visit the website!


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