Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quality of Christian Films

The Christian Film Industry:
Craft Versus Content

"The Christian film industry has been around for several decades. Throughout its history, two philosophies have pitted Christian filmmakers against one another. Disunity between the arguments of craft versus content continues today.

During the 70s, the message was king, and film quality was pathetic. Churches didn’t mind the poor quality because they received their message and had nothing competing for their attention. Films were delivered to churches on 16mm film, and numerous companies enjoyed great cash flow."

So where are we today? How do we get better? Every Christian film maker should take 7min and read this article by CJ Powers! - click here (this one is different than the article I posted about several days ago)

Who knows, you might even see someone you recognize in one of the BTS pics used in the article ;)


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