Tuesday, April 14, 2009

36hr Contest Favorites

I watched through the contest entries and made a list of the ones I enjoyed watching and also a list of my absolute favorites. This is not a complete of "the films worth watching" this is just the ones that I liked personally. :) Click here to view the full contest lineup! I'd like to hear which films you liked from the contest too! Please leave a comment if you have a favorite!

A Boy with $100
What Is Your Favorite?

Alien Explorers
Petty Cash
The Good Guy
Mysterious Ways
Man vs. Mouse
The Unhelpful friend
The Robbery at Noon
Gratitude’s Revenge
False Witness
Falling out of Control
The List
The Man
The Boy and the Templar


Nathan W. said...

I take it you weren't a fan of "Leave Me"? That's my personal favorite. :-)

John-Clay said...

It had high production value, but no, the story wasn't my favorite :P I could see you liking it though ;)

Brandon R. said...

No love for A DIM LIGHT eh?

;) thanks for posting this, cool list!

John-Clay said...

Heh heh...it was well produced for sure!

I did like the film, my drawback was that the Christian was a bit more aggressive than I would normally expect. Overall the story seemed a bit cliche...nothing really new or creative.

Acting was great! Camera work and lighting was fantastic!

Good work!

T.J. Cahill said...

I stumbled acrossed your blog a few months ago through the Pendragon website, and I really like the information you put on it.
My personal favorite (besides mine, "Man vs. Mouse," and the one a friend of mine made, "Form F-45") was "The Man."

John-Clay said...

Thanks for commenting TJ! I really like your film Man vs. Mouse, my mom really enjoyed it too!