Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Blog Poll

I'm taking a poll to see why people read my blog and if the information that I post is useful, relevant and important. Please take time to vote! If your answer isn't listed in the poll options please leave a comment with your answer.

I want to hear from my readers :)


Kay said...

Hey!! Where's the "all but the first one" option??? :D :-P

BL said...

We are not always able to read every blog post, but most times we are very interested in your postings, information, amusing finds, film updates, etc.
We have enjoyed getting to know you a little better from your blog.
You are an outstanding young man!!

Danielle said...

Hey! Just writing to say Hi. John mentioned that you said you thought I fell off the earth of something. :D lol I think people are thinking that...but...I did do a blog post updating yall' on my life! :D

I'm still alive though and things are going for why I read your blog..umm...I don't that much anymore because I'm on dialup! :D Before I did because umm..not sure why, your my friend? I like hearing about movies too. :D

ANyway, Hey!

DZ (hi)

Hannah :) said...

Well, it looks like our computer has already been used to vote, so I'll just post a comment!

Why do I read this blog?
~Christian film updates
~Worldview articles
~Behind the Scenes
~Cause I love Pendragon :)
~and, yes, to keep up with J-C! =D

Love ya! Keep up the great work.

Your sis,

Anonymous said...

Yes, there should be on option to vote for more than one - sooo, I'm going to "officially" vote for Christian film updates - although my second reason would be to keep up with JC(since I NEVER see you anymore, except for in Jan.).

Matthew B.

Ruth W. said...

Hey JC
I don't always see every post but looks like you've got some good stuff here! Miss ya
Ruth Webster