Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Collection of Fortunate Happenings

I saw this movie at SAICFF and LOVED it!!! It is finally up for sale on Behemoth! It's a 15min movie for $2...can't beat that. Watch the trailer here :)

"Hello. My name is Montgomery Pickett. Too many writers have an agenda. I’m here to write a story that doesn’t have a message, just a good story. Most writers also write about a bunch of unfortunate happenings, but I’ll write a story about a series of good events. Let’s start with three orphans and a treasure map left to them by their parents. When a sinister bank agent informs them that they must make their land payment in 24 hours or lose their home, the orphans set off on an exciting and perilous adventure."

Download the movie here!

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