Thursday, February 5, 2009

Interview with Aaron Burns

New Man eMagazine did an interview with Aaron Burns about the making of Pendragon. Having worked on the project I already knew most of the information, but it is rather informative! You can read the full article here.

Backyard ‘Braveheart’: How a family created a full-length epic film:
"When Aaron Burns and his family decided to make a family-friendly action movie as an alternative to the “junk” they found in Hollywood, they decided to dream big and trust God. Despite having almost no film experience, the Burns family finished their movie four years late. They call it Pendragon; and it’s an epic action film with a Christian heart, set in Britain’s Dark Ages. Imagine Braveheart crossed with Facing the Giants. We sat down with lead actor/co-writer/co-composer/co-set designer Aaron Burns to find out how one family could accomplish such a huge task."

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