Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pendragon Poem

The Exploitation of Dan and Me
By Andrew Burns

Dedicated to our awesome extras who made Pendragon possible

There were strange things done
Under the sun
In the quest for San Antone;
The production trails
Have their secret tales
That would turn your heart to stone.

The studio lights
Have seen cruel sights,
But the cruelest they ever did see,
Was the way that Chad
And his Uncle and Dad
Exploited Dan and me.

We read on the net
Of a movie set,
And a film that they were a makin’
And if we came,
They promised fame,
And the glory was ours for the takin’

With our chance so near,
We left with our gear,
Which was little more than our clothes,
And we talked all the way,
Of the parts we would play,
And the size of our starring roles.

You can read the Full Poem Here...

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Hannah said...

That was SO hilarious when Mr. Burns read the poem!!! =D I'm still laughing...