Monday, January 12, 2009


picture used from the Morris blog

Best Trailer Award: Changing Lives

Young Filmmakers Award: A Journey of Hope

Best Treatment: Sand Town

Best Creation Film Award: Noah’s Ark

Best Biblical Family Film Award: Binding Faith

Best Film Short Award: Prodigal Trilogy

Best Original Film Score Award: The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

Audience Choice Award: The Widow’s Might

Best Documentary Award: The Terry Schiavo Story

Best Feature Film Award: Fireproof


Well it's finally over! The Academy was incredible with sessions about Sci-Fi From a Biblical Worldview, Behind the Scenes of Fireproof, Color Correction, Stunts and Violence in Films, All About the RED Camera and of course the theological sessions.

The Festival was also really good this year with a overall improvement in the technical quality of the films in the competition! Even though my trailer, along Pendragon, didn't win anything it was still an enjoyable festival. There are a good number of the films available for download at Several of my favorite films were Pendragon, Fireproof, The Widow's Might, Dad the Hero, Dialtone, A Collection of Fortunate Happenings, Council's Commission and Wars of Humanity III.

The Pendragon Crew and Friends
(click here to read the Burns review of the festival)

Here are some other places that have reviews/pictures from the week. TheRebelution, Nathaniel Bluedorn, Twitter-saicffsemisites and Doug's Blog.

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