Saturday, December 15, 2007

Twas the Week Before Christmas


This is a first draft of the movie, not everything turned out quite right but I'm not going to fix it today. :) I will be updating it and then re-releasing it again! The Morris boys have agreed to write the music for the movie and there is some color correction stuff still to touch up....and a couple of other things ;) So, this is by no means finished....just so you know.

You can watch it here. (NOTE: This video is no longer available for viewing online. However, it IS available for purchase and download here!)

Oh, this one is low resolution, the next one will be much larger :)

I would appreciate any comments or critique. Changes ARE going to be made so please speak up if you think something needs tweaked in the video.


Matthew said...

Hey there JC - good job! I liked it. However, I was a little confused with the two letters and same author thing. Not sure what that was or how it tied into anything. Also, I couldn't understand what Ben was saying as he was walking into the store. Something about him being at the end of his rope? IDK

Other than those two things - excellent. And so true - Christ is the reason of the season.

Merry CHRISTmas

John-Clay said...

Thanks for the comments...everyone else must have a conviction against leaving comments :P

alright, the two letters/two authors will make more sense in the higher resolution version. A slightly higher version is here -

the rope quote is "but I just about came to the end of my rope."

Thanks again!!

Matt said...

I really like it. I don't know anything about filming, but it looks great!
I too thought the two letter thing was a bit unclear. Was it supposed that one said from Santa and the other said from Ben's parents? Like you said, It will probably be more clear in the hi-res video when we can see the notes clearer.
Keep it up! If your video's purpose is to remind people of the true meaning of Christmas, then you have succeeded with me.

KP said...

No no no no no!! NO conviction against leaving comments! I'm just late!

GO JC!!!!! That was GREAT!! I guess you wrote the poem? I didn't know you were such a poet! :D

I really don't have any negative critique at the moment (I'll have to watch it again) it was so good!

I loved the scene with the "Season's Greetings" card. Very good.

And I was quite blessed by it's message and simplicity. Thank you, JC.