Wednesday, December 16, 2009

REVIEW: "Pendragon: Journey Behind the Scenes"

It is popular these days for the DVD of a movie to include at least one BTS (Behind the Scenes) documentary. However, it is very rare, especially in Christian filmmaking, to release a BTS book to go along with a film. Well, Burns Family Studios has done just that, and the book is incredible!

"Pendragon: Journey Behind the Scenes" is a 100-page book that takes you on an adventure to explore the making of this epic Christian film. Exclusive stories from the cast, inspiring interviews with the crew, and hundreds of newly released pictures have been carefully woven together to present an experience that will leave you feeling like you have been on the set and a part of the team! One of my favorite parts is the “Pendragon Fun Fact” sections sprinkled throughout the book.

How did you get so many people to help with the movie? Were you ever worried that you wouldn’t be able to finish? Where did you find the locations? Which sets did you build? How were the costumes made? Who made the swords and weapons? What was it like to be an extra on set? Why does Nick play the bad guy? How did you make that much fire? Are you going to make any more movies?

The answers to these questions are full of humor, scary accidents, friendship, innovation, and, of course, God’s provision. It is a lot of fun to read stories of the creativity and resourcefulness that were required to shoot an epic film on a shoe-string budget.

Topics Covered:
-Interviews with actors: Aaron, Marilyn, and Nick.
-Building the fort, creating the market, filming the opening night attack, details on the Sword Dance scene, and fun during the funeral scene.
-In-depth interviews with the costume, makeup, and weapon departments. (These are really neat.)
-Interviews with extras and also with the director.
-Building the team, writing the music, working with horses, running a camera (Yours Truly was interviewed for this section), creating visual effects, and supervising the sound design.

This is an inspiring story of what God did through two ordinary families who were willing to take a step of faith and follow His guidance. You will be encouraged and in awe of our amazing God!

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