Monday, December 14, 2009

NEW CD! - For His Glory

This is one the latest graphic design projects that I've been working on, a new CD from Shekinah Springs Studio! Caleb and Daniel Morris have been working on this CD for quite some time and it's finally at the duplicator. These guys wrote the music score for the award winning documentary Joel's Journey and also were a big part of the music team for the award winning feature film, Pendragon: Sword of His Father.

You can check out a couple of music samples here:
I'll Fly Away

Be Thou My Vision

Click here to read more info about the CD.


Hannah B. said...

So excited to finally get an "official" Morris CD!! Great job, guys!

Caleb said...

Thank so much for all your work keeping up this blog! It is encouraging to me to read about all the many different groups and individuals hard at work producing God honoring "entertainment".

John-Clay said...

I'm grateful that people find the info useful!

It is encouraging to me when readers comment and let me know their thoughts about the things I post on my blog :)

Thanks to both of y'all for commenting!