Monday, September 22, 2008

Ranch Commercial FEATURED!

The Digital Juice homepage.

A better look.

Look which video is featured in the DJ Showcase Spotlight today!

A couple of days ago I uploaded the ranch commercial I made to the Digital Juice showcase. There has been quite a variety of comments given about the video, I guess you really like it or you don't :)

NOTE: the video garnered 254 views while "in the spotlight!"


Matt said...

Nice job on the commercial. It's hilarious!

I suppose it couldn't be helped but some of the camera movement seemed a bit unsteady. I guess you can't be expected to have a steadicam around when you're stranded in the middle of nowhere. :-)

John-Clay said...

Yea, I didn't have my Glidecam with me but I did stabilize the shakiest shots in post production. :)

Glad you liked it.