Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pendragon Video Lock!

During the Pendragon movie Ethan Ledden has been DP, 1st Camera operator, editor, post production visual FX supervisor and about a hundred other things! He has posted a Pendragon update on the Filmweavers blog! Click here

"Well gang, after much pain, sorrow, and suffering, editing on pendragon has wrapped. The film now sits in it's entirety, time coded and ready to go into the last stage of it's production. Music, Sound Design, and Visual effects."

"It's unlike anything we've ever seen in the Christian film genre. Basically we've done as much as humanly possible with popsicle sticks, scotch tape, lighting kits consisting of fluorescent curly Q clipons and baking paper diffusion. It's up to the Lord what happens to it next."

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