Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vision Forum Scotland Tour

Vision Forum has now released the Scotland Faith and Freedom tour audio messages! The series totals more than 15 hours of audio and has an introductory price of only $45!

"Journey with us through the moors and glens of Scotland for a riveting survey of God’s providential work in this remarkable land. Learn of the wonders of Iona, a tiny island that served as a missionary outpost from which Christianity spread throughout the world. Walk the trail of John Knox — a galley slave-turned freedom fighter — who confronted Mary, Queen of Scots, face-to-face in Edinburgh as he led Scotland’s Reformation. Join us on the battlefields of Wallace and Bruce, and halt with us as we remember the legacy of the Covenanters, 18,000 of whom gave their lives for freedom. And enjoy the powerful music of one of the world’s leading Celtic balladeers, Charlie Zahm, as he plays his anthems in the land of the Scots. This audio series contains over 900 minutes of tour recordings on twelve compact discs, featuring messages given on location by Douglas W. Phillips, Dr. Joseph Morecraft, III, and historian William Potter."

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