Monday, August 18, 2008

Review: Pilgrim's Progress

I recently had the opportunity to see the new Pilgrim's Progress movie and was going to write a review until I came across this review which basically sums up what I was going to say. Here is an excerpt...

"The film isn't an attempt to tell the whole Pilgrim's Progress story directly from the book but more to communicate the same basic story drastically cut down and still have it make sense. The format uses a combination of narration and acting which though it wouldn't work for many films, I felt fit quite nicely what they were trying to do. It also uses a modern twist on the environment which I was skeptical of to be honest but in the end it really didn't come across "cheesy" as I thought it might. They don't attempt to bite off more than they can chew in the retelling which is part of what worked for me significantly. The entire story was taken at a "doable" level. Meaning it's obviously not a 150 million dollar Peter Jackson style film. So if you've been waiting for such you are going to be profusely disappointed. If you are able to change your expectations a bit however it makes for an enjoyable watch. Also let me say if you saw the trailer and were turned off by it you might consider giving it another chance. The trailer was in my opinion pretty bad. It looked grade C. (cheesy) It may have lowered my expectations so much that when I saw the film itself I liked it I'm not sure. Bottom line is the trailer didn't do it justice. Let's break down a couple of sub topics for this quick review."

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