Friday, February 8, 2008

Apple Drops NAB

NAB and IBC are the two shows each year where professionals can get the opportunity to see and try out the equipment and software we're all going to purchase for the coming year. People spend thousands of dollars on these purchases and have always found NAB to be particularly useful in making those purchasing decisions. There's nothing like actually seeing the product in action, even if it's a prototype.

So after dropping NAB once then reappearing, Apple has decided to join Avid and skip the NAB show floor altogether. This is an incredibly disappointing decision for a company that supposedly supports over 800,000+ Final Cut Pro users and countless other pro-apps users.

Read the full article here.


Matthew said...

What can I say - they're mac. What did you expect.

*ducking under the table now*

Danielle said...

:D You are hilarious Matt!!! So, I don't get it....Mac is switching to Avid?? Huh??

John-Clay said...

@ Mat - BOY You BETTER DUCK!!!!

@ Danielle - The companies aren't merging, it just means that Avid and Apple won't have a booth at the NAB conference.

JWP said...

Maybe Apple is ashamed of their products this year when they saw the competiton.

Sorry John-Clay I just had to say something. ;)