Thursday, November 12, 2009

Health Care "Reform"

"American citizens who refuse to purchase an Obama-approved health insurance plan will face fines of up to 250,000 dollars and up to five years in jail."
"The House passed its health care bill late Saturday night by a 220-215 vote, with 39 Democrats in opposition and one Republican supporting it. Senate approval is considered less certain due to opposition by all Republicans and some moderate Democrats."

I'm assuming you've all heard about the 2,000 page Health Care Reform bill that Democrats are trying to get passed in Washington. But how many of us really know what they are proposing? The main concern that I've heard is that it includes Government funding for abortion (which thankfully the House stopped with an amendment before voting on the bill.) But there are still approx. another 1,990 pages of "reform" mandates that would have a huge effect on every single person in America, including the illegal what does it say?

Here is a 20 minute summarization speech given by a Republican during the House debate. I call it the, "But It Doesn't Stop There" speech.

Obviously President Obama was very pleased that the bill passed the House, and is now encouraging the Senate to pass it as well. His "speech" on what the bill includes is a little different though.

From what I understand, they are trying to get this pushed through the Senate before the end of the year. I encourage everyone to contact your Senators and let them know where you stand on the issue of Health Care! Contact info for Senators can be found here.

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