Monday, December 29, 2008

The Other Son Trailer

The Other Son Trailer from Leclerc Brothers Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

"Perhaps the greatest biblical parable of all time is that of the Prodigal Son. This gripping story has all the components of a suspense-filled novel. Mystery, drama, and forgiveness give this parable the elements of a great film. Its powerful message and rich attention to detail have been quoted by some of the world’s greatest writers including Shakespeare and Dickens. However, within the prodigal son’s redemptive message is another equally captivating, sinister, and compelling story. The film, The Other Son brings to life this powerful message, making this historic parable more powerful than ever."


Melody said...

Could you post a link to the Leclerc Brothers movie site?
Google failed to find it. :)
I'm looking forward to seeing it at the Festival.

Melody said...

Sorry, the site worked. :)